Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.

– Julia Child

Hi I’m Deb. I recently discovered an amazing gift that was always available, but eluded capture because of everyday tasks and responsibilities. I am referring to the gift of togetherness. For me, togetherness is sharing a finely prepared meal at my dinner table with friends and family (and wine!). The eureka moment? The Pandemic of 2020! I now realize, after sharing my experiences, that my Rochester Area community is also craving this life-changing discovery. I am inspired to use my 20+ years of culinary experience and business training to offer my community the tremendous gift of friends, family and food (and Wine!) at your dinner table.

I am so excited to continue flexing my culinary muscles to serve you and the community in which I live. Over the past two decades, my culinary experiences run the gamut. I have always been tremendously passionate about my craft. Since my first kitchen gig at the renowned Machus Red Fox and continuing through culinary school, apprenticeship, MBA, owning a catering business, and even a stint as a butcher, I have lived the passion I will now deliver to you.

So, neighbors…if you don’t see me running and biking on the Paint Creek Trail, or taxiing my 4 kids to and fro, you can bet that I’ll be at the Goodison kitchen anticipating any opportunity to share my passion at your table.

Pop in and say Hello!